Wednesday, July 27, 2011

radio Interview


So today has been a busy day. First it's a release day, and I'll give you the link for that in a minute. More interesting for me today is that a local radio host contacted me and asked for an interview about my stories. Now, he did contact me two weeks ago, but since he got busy and I heard nothing more from him after I pointed him to my website, I supposed he'd found someone more interesting than li'l old me to talk to.

Imagine my surprise to hear from him this morning and him asking if I could make it in for a radio interview this afternoon. Of course, I swallowed my hopeless nerves and said yes. Mostly, we talked about why. Why a straight girl from suburbia writes man on man erotic romance. Wish I had found a better answer for him than 'because' but there it is. I write the stories how they come to me. If you want to hear the interview and you're in an area where it airs, try this link:

It airs on Sudbury CBC one, Points North at 4:40 Eastern. My huge thanks to Jason Turnbull for this chance to talk about something so important to me.

Now. The new release: New Linen

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Four Strong Women: What Did I Miss?

Four Strong Women: What Did I Miss?

Stop by today and share your thoughts with me on the double standard that is the boy/girl dichotomy. What is so wrong with being a girl, anyway? (Guys, I would especially love your thoughts here. Help me understand)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Talk: Kennedy and Ford's Dash and Dingo

Before you tell me I'm behind, I know. Should have read this one a long time ago. Oh well. Here I am now, on page 54, and how can you not love these guys? They should feel more cliche than they do, but somehow, they just touch the edge of trope and each time you think they'll fall in, they back away. Dash shows an unexpected glimmer of daring-do or mouthiness or wit, and Dingo goes a bit soft, a bit uncertain, a bit, well, a bit sweet.

And there's no denying these two are sweet on each other. You can't not see it, even this early.

Truth be told, though on pg 54 of about, what? 300? I'm kind of hankering for the action to start. And I'm not just talking about the follow through on the flirting and heavy sighing. I'm talking about the wild animal hunt, the jungles of Australia, and the Indiana Jones excitement. Not that I'm not enjoying the interaction between the two immensely. I definitely am. Just sayin' When does the adventure really start?

Monday, July 11, 2011

book Talk: T.A. Chase's Why I Love Geeks

I'm almost done this one. my big question; how many authors can get away with a protagonist named Herbert in a romance? I guess it helps that it's a comedy, but Herbert? I wasn't convinced. Then Herb opened his mouth. wow. I cannot even begin to imagine how T.A. Came up with that stream of consciousness. the things the character comes out with, most of the time, really should get hike strangled just to shut him up. I'm not quite done yet, but I do want to know what.s up with Burke and McKinley. If it isn't fixed in this book, I hope they get a story of their own, because that's got me intrigued.

it's been an entertaining read, that's for sure.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Talk: Damon Suede's Hot Head

 Not even a third of the way into this book and I have that love/hate thing going on that I relish.

There is angst aplenty, so there's that to love.

There is also that fine line between mis-communication and TSTL. (Too stupid to love) I know. I changed that last word. Did that on purpose.

Take two firends: both firefighters, both dancing the edge of PTSD and a death wish, and clearly (to me) in love with each other. Also, both straight. Whatever. That's relative.

So the story is told from Griff's POV and he has come to terms with the idea he's in love with his best friend, even if he has no idea what to do about it. So we get to watch things unfold from his POV, and wonder why he doesn't see. Dante needs to talk to him, tried to get him out of the bar, only to give in the moment Griff has an annoying chick hanging off him. That turns into a no-go, Dante tries A) get him into a threesome (Griff declines, horrified Dante will notice he doesn't give a rat's ass about the girl between them) B) get him drunk and take him home and talk to him. (brilliant plan, dimwit. Griff doesn't remember what happened and is horrified to find himself waking up naked in Dant's bed with the other man's arm across his chest and Griff's morning wood tenting the sheets) C) talk him into porn for money. (Griff just thinks this is bad, bad, bad idea and is, though he does't say do, heart-stopping jelous. (And fascinated that now he can see Dante beat his meat any time he wants, and that is more pervy and tempting than Griff can handle))
All classic "I'm-in-love-with-you-and-can't-say-it-dumbass schemes. All doomed to failure.
I don't see this getting better for either of them any time soon.
Add to all this the zingingly fast prose, the raunchy voice, the down and dirty need oozing out of every thought Griff has, and smeared all over the page in gritty dialogue and plain, no-muss language, and I know  I should be writing my own shit right now. I know I should. But it's so hard to not want to keep reading....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book talk: Amy Lane's Talker

I'm...what? less than half way through this book, and holy hell. Really? I am amazed

Ms. Lane has caught my attention, for sure with (Please note, this might spoil the book for you if you haven't read it, which, really, you should)
one hero who's parent's died when he was six, he's been home schololed since then, high school was a trial for him, lonely, difficult, and desperate. He's awkward, shy, not very good at socializing, and oh, can i relate. So he's burried all that in a lot of meaningless, passionless sex with girls who just think he's cute.

The other hero was almost burned alive as an infant in a fire that killed his mother, was raised by a bastard of a father and spent his entire life hiding his scars behind tattoos, mowhawks and far out there gayness, yet never letting a single guy close enough to him to actually touch him, never mind love him.

Then she let him get hurt real bad.

It's clear they love each other. Clear they are in love with each other. Clear they are right for each other.

But Ms. Lane has keptt hem apart, as any good romance writer would, but not by just putting a barrier between them. She's put the fucking Berlin Wall between them, and each brick in that wall is made from all the kindness and care they've shown each other since they met.

How does one create conflict for characters out of the very feelings you actually want them to feel for each other? I have no idea. I'm not Amy Lane. But I do want be a writer of her
caliber some day.

Now. Back to the book.