Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Talk: Kennedy and Ford's Dash and Dingo

Before you tell me I'm behind, I know. Should have read this one a long time ago. Oh well. Here I am now, on page 54, and how can you not love these guys? They should feel more cliche than they do, but somehow, they just touch the edge of trope and each time you think they'll fall in, they back away. Dash shows an unexpected glimmer of daring-do or mouthiness or wit, and Dingo goes a bit soft, a bit uncertain, a bit, well, a bit sweet.

And there's no denying these two are sweet on each other. You can't not see it, even this early.

Truth be told, though on pg 54 of about, what? 300? I'm kind of hankering for the action to start. And I'm not just talking about the follow through on the flirting and heavy sighing. I'm talking about the wild animal hunt, the jungles of Australia, and the Indiana Jones excitement. Not that I'm not enjoying the interaction between the two immensely. I definitely am. Just sayin' When does the adventure really start?

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