Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Talk: First Watch by Peter Hansen

I'm not entirely sure why I chose this book as the first book I read from Riptide Publishing. It seemed like a good idea at the time?

It's making me...squeamish. It isn't even very long and I'm finding I have to read it small doses at a time because I'm not liking the situation or, in a strange way, the main character. But still, I feel for him and his predicament. I'm kinda pissed at him for how things are turning out for his friend, but the details on the sale page promise me a HFN ending, so I shall soldier on.

And in fact, I don't want to turn anyone off this book. Just because I'm having difficulty with it doesn't mean everyone will. Some of my very favorite books, like The Slayer's Apprentice by Zathyn Priest and the Last Harold Mage Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey, I had this same visceral reaction to. It isn't a bad reaction, necessarily. Its a strong one. One that can't be ignored. One that comes when the book is well written, engaging and demanding. That's strong writing, strong editing, and commitment by the author. It demands commitment from the reader, and you definitely have to be prepared to give this book your attention, whether you like it or not.

For me, whether I like the book or not, I suspect will strongly hinge on the ending. If that is as strongly written as the rest, not a cop out, and not gratuitous, then I suspect despite my squeamishness thus far, I will not only like it, but probably re-read it some day. As a writer myself, I can't ask for more than to touch a reader so deeply they want to read the same thing over again.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Launch of Lords of Aether

Today is the big day! I haven't mentioned it much because it always seemed like forever off and I was sort of in big star denial that I get to work on this project with these terrific authors, but the day is here, and Lords of Aether has launched!

This is the brainchild of Lex Valentine, and when she invited me to join the illustirous company of Stephani Hetch, KC Burns, Charlie Cochrane, Z.A. Maxfield, and Jason Edding, I was completely stoked and floored at the same time that she decided to put such faith in my abilities to keep up with these writers.

Let's hope I don't let the down! Today, Lex has kicked our story off with the first installment of this free serial.

Check out the Story Blurb:

In turn of the century London, a handful of men, members of the exclusive Lords of Aether club, discover that the English Empire is under assault by a nebulous enemy. Murders of key figures in the criminal underworld abound and innocent men are framed for the crimes. Government officials change their stance on political issues overnight following the near death experiences of those close to them. Experiments related to aether are covered up. Inventors and others with military knowledge have mysteriously disappeared. Strange banking and finance issues cripple the Empire. As the government’s funds dry up, crime rises, signaling approaching anarchy. Something dire is afoot and disparate clues lead to one dead end after another for the Lords of Aether.

The search for a missing lover becomes the painstaking uncovering of a plot against the world’s governments that begins with the crippling of the English Empire. The Lords of Aether battle their own demons and personal issues as they work together to discover just who is behind the ingenious and nefarious plot. When their investigations lead them to an ancient arcane society they find more chaos and evil than they ever imagined existed. A master criminal with ties to the Imperial family, unlimited wealth and resources, and no conscience leads them down a twisted path of destruction and deception. The Lords of Aether must pool their own resources, call upon their trusted friends and family members and work together to save the Empire and the world.

Then go on and read Lex's first post

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friend Release: Jamie Fessenden: The Dogs of Cyberwar

So, visiting today is Jamie, a fellow Dreamspinnre author, and the book he has coming out is not exactly the romance  normally talk about, but it looks really good, just the same. Check it out:

"The Dogs of Cyberwar" by Jamie Fessenden

BLURB Connor is a netrunner: a hacker who ventures into cyberspace to steal data from corporate computers. As he hides out in the slums of Seattle, he’s attacked by a street gang and, incredibly, rescued by one of the members. His rescuer is a man named Luis, who has decided Connor needs his protection.
But instead of providing safety, Luis’s presence wreaks havoc with Connor’s online identity, and they find themselves hunted by a lethal security force. While they attempt to escape the city, Connor finds himself struggling to survive with the most lethal killer ever pitted against the corporations that control the FreeCorp—and he risks losing his heart to the same man.
EXCERPT -- Rated PG -- M/M -- "The Dogs of Cyberwar" by Jamie Fessenden
The gym had sleep capsules in a room off to one side of the locker room. These were “rooms” just big enough for a person to crawl into and sleep. But they were comfortable enough and provided access to the Net, which Connor would need in order to finish the job he’d contracted for. 

But when he swiped his wrist across the reader and the door swung open, he discovered a new drawback to having Luis for his bodyguard.

“Is that big enough for both of us?” the Latino asked, peering into the capsule.

This took Connor aback. “What? No, not really. Can’t you get your own?”

“I don’t have any money,” Luis reminded him.

Jesus. Just how much was this deal going to end up costing him on a regular basis?

“I suppose I could rent you a capsule,” Connor said, not bothering to hide his annoyance. The capsules were pretty pricey.

“That’s all right,” Luis replied. “I’ll just keep watch out here.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You have to sleep.”

“If I’m locked in another capsule, I might not hear if somebody comes after you.”

“It’s not like I get attacked every time I try to sleep,” Connor protested. But he could see from the look in Luis’s eyes that this argument wouldn’t get him anywhere. Luis had decided that Connor needed to be protected. And that meant not leaving his side, apparently. “So your idea of being my bodyguard is pretty much what other people would call a ‘stalker’?”

“Don’t you think your bodyguard should be nearby whenever you need him?”

“If I have to take a shit, are you going to come into the stall with me?” Connor asked him, irritated. “No, don’t answer that. We’ll save it for a surprise. In the meantime, if you’re going to be like this, you might as well just get in the goddamned capsule with me. They’re big enough for two, if

you don’t mind being snug. But leave everything you don’t need in the locker.”

Following his own advice, Connor stripped to his underwear. There certainly wasn’t going to be room in there to undress if Luis was inside with him. The one thing he brought in was his cyber deck.

Luis followed his example and stripped to his underwear, though he insisted on bringing his gun with him into the capsule. Connor prayed neither of them rolled over on it in the night.

It was pretty cramped when they were both inside and the door was locked, but thankfully the capsule had air conditioning. Not that Luis smelled bad. In fact, once he was stretched out beside Connor, his chest at the level of

Connor’s face, Connor found that he liked the faint masculine musk Luis seemed to radiate. The scent was clean and held a trace of the generic liquid soap available in the gym shower, but it was unmistakably manly.

It was impossible for their skin not to touch in this close space, but Luis didn’t seem to care. When Connor glanced up at his face, he found Luis looking at him thoughtfully with those beautiful dark eyes. Not for the first time, Connor wondered whether Luis was gay or straight. So far, he hadn’t given much indication—unless the fact that he had a strong desire to make himself subservient to another man was a sign.

“Um… just so we’re clear about this,” Connor began, uncertain how exactly to phrase the question, “Are you…expecting sex out of this arrangement?”

Luis shook his head, smiling at his discomfort. “No. Although I did my time giving hand jobs for money, so if you want me to get you off….”

“No,” Connor answered quickly. Luis was certainly not the first guy he’d known who’d resorted to prostitution to get by, so he didn’t fault him for it. But he didn’t want some guy helping him “get off” if the guy wasn’t enjoying it himself. “So you don’t like guys, then?”

Luis shrugged. “I guess I don’t really care one way or another. If I like someone, I’ll fuck them. It doesn’t matter if they’re male or female.”

“All right. That’s cool. I generally just like guys, myself.”

Muy bien.”

That seemed to end the discussion. Connor wasn’t certain if he liked the fact that Luis had left the possibility of sex open. This guy was already complicating his life. If they started fucking around, it would get even more complicated.

*   *   *

Luis smiled at Connor and lowered his head to the pillow they’d be sharing. “I already have a job as a bodyguard.”

“I can’t pay.”

“Just feed me. That’s all I need.”

“And a ‘purpose’?”

“I want someone to protect,” Luis said, his voice beginning to sound sleepy. “I don’t like being the bad guy. Is that wrong?”

Connor sighed. “No, it’s not wrong. But you realize you’re protecting someone who steals and destroys data, don’t you? I’m not exactly a ‘good guy,’ myself.”

There was no response, and Connor glanced up to see that Luis had drifted off. Asleep, there was something innocent and childlike in his beautiful face. Of course, Connor had to remind himself, this was the man he’d just seen cut two men into tiny pieces.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Entertainment: Nov 20, 2011

To start off with, Damon, once again, has gone and put himself in the spotlight. His book,  Hot Head, has made it into  the semi-finals of Goodreads's best romance of 2011. So that's cool beans. Congrats, Damon. As I've mentioned my opinion before, well deserved. (It might be I keep talking about this because I just love the look of the cover and want to post it again. That's always a possibility.)

This week, I finally took some time for myself and watched a movie. I picked up Torch Song Trilogy. Now, I'm not a gay guy, so I might have missed a few cliches present in this movie. I dare say there were more than a few, like the gay bashing death of beloved, the bi guy who can't decide what he wants, and the mother...the Jewish, New York But...She was definitely cliche, yes. She was also...oddly sympathetic, though at some points I wanted to hate her. I really did, but in the end, couldn't, because she might have been closed off and narrow in her definitions of things, but she didn't stay that way. She tried, and that made all the difference as to how I felt about her character. And the scene between Arnold and his mother?
"You want to be a part of my life, I'm not editing out the parts you don't like...There's one more thing you'd better understand: I have taught myself to sew, cook, build furniture, fix plumbing, I can even pat myself on the back when necessary. All so that I don't have to ask anyone for anything. There's nothing I need from anyone except love and respect and anyone who can't give me those two things has no place in my life."
That will be one of my favorite scenes in any movie for a really long time, I think. I can't think of a sentiment truer to life than that, and brilliantly presented, writing, acting, everything. Great movie. I'll probably rent it again.


There are three special events going on at Dreamspinner between now and the end of November that you may want to know about:

First, we're having a We Are Thankful Sale, 20% off everything on the web site through Nov. 30.

Secondly, we reached 1500 fans again on our Facebook page after FB ate the old one. To say thank you, there's a code on the page for 15% off one order of any size over the next year. Please visit the FB page,, to get the code.

Finally, every purchase between now and Nov. 30 enters you in a drawing for a Kindle Fire, to be drawn on Dec. 1.

It snowed. That is all.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Entertainment: Nov 12, 2011

20111109-083717.jpgHere's some good news for our genre, yet again. Seems Amazon has a "Best Book" thingy, in which they chose what 'they' (don't know who they are, but anyway) chose what books stood out for the year. In their "Gay & Lesbian" category, Dreamspinner author TJ Klune has had the honor of his book "Bear, Otter and the Kid" be named one of the best. Well done, TJ. It's on my list of books to read. Looks like I'm going to have to move it up the queue.

A lovely book trailer for Salad on the Side author, Karenna Colcroft, though it isn't for Salad, it's still a pretty thing to show off, and it was made by Winterheart Designs. 0eH51WRGMkc I confess, I have no idea how to embed this. Sorry)


This past week, I signed a contract with Dreamspinner Press for a new short story that will be published in May of 2012, under their Bittersweet line. How excited am I by that? Very. It's a re-print, called Paying the Piper, and while some of my really faithful readers from years past might have read it, I do think it will be new to most of you. I'll keep you posted on this as things progress.


The most used bit of swag I brought home from GRL. Good call, Devon! The view in the background is one of my favorite local coffee places, though it's been pretty empty lately, as it's under renovations. still, it's cozy and just a few steps from work, so very handy.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Amber Kell's Birthday Blog Hop

Amber Kell is visiting today, one step along her birthday blog hop. Below is the next installment of her sserial she's writing as her gift to all her readers. Welcome, Amber, and thanks so very much for including this little stop along the way.

Accidental Alpha - #12

After Stanley’s father left, Fenris sat on the floor with the wolf petting his mate and massaging his furry legs. Sometimes the first shift ached like a son of a bitch. Stanley licked him on the cheek.

“Yes, I know. It hurts a bit but only the first few times. You did a good job protecting me, but I want human Stanley now. Do you think you can be human?”

The wolf gave a soft whimper.

Fenris scratched Stanley behind the ears. “Come on. Think of long legs, smooth skin.”

Another whimper.

Paul came to stand beside Fenris. He folded his arms as he looked down at the wolf. “If you can’t be human, you can’t fuck Fenris.”

A loud crackle filled the room. Stanley’s body elongated and his fur sank into his skin in an odd reverse growth process as if his humanity sucked the animal inside. Within minutes the wolf became human.

“There you are,” Fenris smiled down at his mate.

“Ow,” Stanley said. He accepted Fenris’ hand to pull him to his feet.

“My father is an asshole. Don’t listen to anything he says,” Stanley pulled Fenris close. “My mother is going to kick his butt when she learns what he’s been up too.”

Fenris rubbed his cheek against Stanley’s discreetly marking him.

Paul snorted beside him. “Smooth Fenris.”

He wondered briefly if having Paul killed could be traced back to him.

The Alpha growled. Paul tilted his head and looked away. Fenris smirked against Stanley’s neck. He’d let Stanley take care of Paul for now, but if he continued to give them trouble Paul would have to find another pack if he wanted to stay alive. Some people judged the viciousness of a person by the strength of their wolf. Big mistake.

“Come Stanley let’s get you some clothes, go back to your place, and take care of whatever you need to take care of.”
Stanley ran a hand through his hair. “I need to call work.”

Fenris tilted his head. “What are you going to tell them?”

“It’s more about asking them when they want me to come clear out my desk. I’m pretty certain I’m fired.”
“What do you do?” Fenris had wondered about his lover’s occupation since the Overseer sneered at him.

Stanley shrugged. “I’m an Accountant.”

“Do you enjoy it?”

Stanley stilled for a moment as if really thinking about it for the first time. “Yeah, I really do. I like to take the small accounts and help new businesses figure out the best way to set up their companies. I special in Business Analysis.”
The sparkle in Stanley’s eyes told Fenris his mate really did enjoy his job.

“We can set you up as a private consultant. Werekin can use those kinds of services and no one would make a fuss if you need to take off during the full moon because everyone else will too.”

Fenris basked in his mate’s smile. “That’s a really good idea, Fenris,” Stanley said. “I think I would really enjoy that.” He frowned for a moment. “It would need some capital.”

“Don’t worry about that. The pack will provide for you as you get on your feet. We have a special fee for new changes. We call it the welcome to the werekin fund.”

To learn more about other Amber Kell releases go to

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Entertainment


We're calling it the safe reading zone, in honour of those places where GLBT youth can find safe zones in their schools and communities; where they can find adults ready and willing to listen and give them a safe and sympathetic ear, shoulder, or whatever else they need. Authors are banding together to create virtual spaces on their blogs where youth (or anyone else) can go, comment, ask for help, or just find resources to get through tough times. My page is here:, comments are open, and if I can help, I will. The website is under development here:
(Authors, if you would like to participate, please contact me or any of the other authors listed on the website)

In Weekly exciting things I came across:
Cool Beans:
Damon Suede's book, Hot Head is up for Best Romance on Goodreads Reader's Choice awards.
I read it. (And talked about it.) A lot. I know it's one of my top reads of 2011. Check out his competition, too. Who wouldn't do Very Bad Things to get on that short list? Way to go, my friend!!!
Check out Johnny Miles' interview in Queer Magazine Online. I met this guy in New Orleans, and he's fantastic, sweet, and incredibly kind. You can hear his enthusiasm in this interview in which he tells his age, among a lot of other things, and really, Johnny? I totally did not get that 'old guy' vibe off you, dude! Lol! Also, Johnny wrote Learning to Samba, which I loved.


If you are eight and wickedly creative, this piano bench is an interstellar motorcycle with on-board water blasters and built-in flexi-armour. Who knew. Probably not the people who moved and gave us the piano for the cost of moving it. Sucks to be them :D


New releases from Pink Petal Books this week: Have a gander at the Newsletter

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Friend Release: Jambrea Jo Jones

Jambrea's Back with yet another release. No idea how she write so much, with all she has to do, but there it s, and I've been waiting for this one. I got to see some sneak peaks, and I want. It released yesterday, and so now, I am off to get. :)

Rayne's Wild Ride

It gets better.

Rayne Carr was riding his bike, minding his own business when his life was forever changed. Driving over State Boulevard Bridge he sees a woman about to jump and intervenes. Appearances can be deceiving.

Charles Sylvester Piper, III wants to end it all. No one understands him. His father is abusive and his mother hides in a bottle. When his younger brother finds Piper in his favourite dress he is kicked out of his basement apartment. With nowhere to turn he leaves his life to fates hands. When a big scary biker asks for a kiss on the worst night of his life, who is he to refuse.
Is love really all you need?

Reader Advisory: This book contains cross dressing.

Excerpt From: Rayne's Wilde Ride
By reading any further, you are stating that you are 18 years of age, or over.
If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.
Copyright © Jambrea Jo Jones, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound.

Rayne Carr enjoyed a nice ride through the quiet city. Just him and his Harley. Stars brightened the sky without a cloud to mar his vision. The State Boulevard Bridge was coming up and he liked to park there on his late nights and stare out at the water below with the city sounds behind him. It was peaceful after the day he’d had. Some days he hated being the oldest of six and head of his family. But only fleetingly, because he loved each and every one of his brothers and sisters and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

He turned the corner and something seemed out of place. Was that—? It couldn’t be. As Ray got closer he saw the back of a woman, her straight, long, black hair almost reaching a cute, firm ass covered by a short skirt. How she kept her balance on the handrail of the bridge in those heels, Ray had no idea. She had nice legs, but what the hell was she thinking?

Startling her was a bad idea. She’d fall for sure. He revved the bike to alert her before coming to a stop and lowering the kickstand. Traffic had been light so he figured he had to be the first one to see the woman. There was no way she’d be missed as a person drove by, the street lights had her illuminated. Ray took off his helmet, set it on the seat, put his blinkers on and casually walked over.

"Um. Excuse me. Miss? What exactly are you doing up there?" He spoke softly because he was a big bear of a man and didn’t want to scare the poor thing. He knew he came off looking rough, being six-three with a barrel chest. The tats and beard probably didn’t help either. He looked like what he was—a biker.

"I’m going to jump." The woman never turned around. Her voice was low and husky. It caressed his ears.

Ray moved closer so he could grab her hand and yank her off the rail if the ridiculous idea he’d just concocted to distract her from jumping failed.

"A kiss!" he blurted. "Could I kiss you goodbye? That is, if you really think you need to jump." Suave he wasn’t, but he’d never been in a situation like this before and would hope if it was one of his siblings someone would try and help them any way they could.

The woman finally turned. She was a vision of beauty with high cheekbones, dark sherry- coloured eyes and a small pert nose. Red plump lips, just meant for kissing, framed the most gorgeous mouth. He couldn’t tell how old she was. Her face had a timeless quality. She was short and slim and the shirt she was wearing hid her breasts so it looked like she had none, but that didn’t distract from her looks at all.
"Okay, but no touching." The girl sat down on the railing and leaned towards him. Ray licked his lips in anticipation. He wanted the kiss more than he should. This woman was troubled and he was just trying to help.

Keep telling yourself that, Hoss. Maybe you’ll believe it.

Ray ignored the inner voice and gently pressed his lips to the woman’s. He’d only wanted to get her in a better position to drag her away from the edge, but it turned into more.

She whimpered and opened her mouth, touching his lips with her tongue. Ray opened to let her explore. She was hesitant at first, but that didn’t last long. The woman tangled her hands in his hair and cradled him between her legs. Ray wanted to press their bodies together, but she resisted so he didn’t push it.

Finally they broke apart. Ray was stunned. He’d never been kissed so passionately before. Sure, he’d had his fair share of women, and men for that matter, but something about the kiss was more than he’d ever thought possible.

"Damn, girl! A woman who kisses like that should not deprive the world of her talent. I’m Ray by the way. Rayne Carr. Please tell me why you’re thinking of diving off the bridge." He rested his forehead on hers and hoped she would answer.

She pulled him closer and his dick hardened. This was so inappropriate it wasn’t even funny. Wait, was that—?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friend Release: Carol Lynne: Sunset Ridge

It is with great pleasure (and much anticipation!!!) that I announce my friend, Carol Lynne has at last released (Well, On this coming Monday, October 31, but it's available for pre-order) her next story: Sunset Ridge.

If you don't know about Carol, you should. I've lifted her short bio from her author page at Total E-bound: An avid reader for years, one day Carol Lynne decided to write her own brand of erotic romance. Carol juggles between being a full-time mother and a full-time writer. These days, you can usually find Carol either cleaning jelly out of the carpet or nestled in her favourite chair writing steamy love scenes.

Check out the blurb, for starters: After the death of his father, Grayson Conner finds himself running, Sunset Ridge Stables, a prosperous horse breeding operation just outside of Wellington, Arkansas. Since riding a horse for the first time, Gray has known running the ranch would be his destiny. Years spent watching his father negotiate and build the ranch into a highly respected operation prepared him well.

In need of a manager to oversee the hired hands, Gray hires Jack “Ram” Ramsdale, a sexy temptation that could spell nothing but trouble. For years, Gray managed to keep his sexual preferences away from the ranch, but the introduction of Ram into his life changes everything.

Ram fell in love with Sunset Ridge Stables the first time he stepped foot on the ranch with its rolling green hills and views to take a person’s breath away. The handsome ranch owner is definitely a bonus, but more than anything Ram is searching for a place to belong.

With temptation at his fingertips, Gray gives in to his feelings and begins an intense affair with his new manager. For a few blissful months he believes he can have it all, the ranch and a man he loves at his side. When local gossip threatens the reputation of the Sunset Ridge, Gray and Ram are forced to make an important decision. Give up their relationship or lose everything they’ve worked for.

Now anyone who has read a Carol Lynne book knows this is going to be fantastic!!! Pre-Order it here, because you know you want hot cowboys as much as I do!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Talk: Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane

Keeping Promise Rock

I'm about two thirds (?I think?) of the way through this. The book seems to start somewhere near the end of the story, I think. At least, it had better, because I'm at the part where Crick leaves, and damn you, Amy Lane, if this doesn't end how I sincerely hope it will end, you and i? We will have a serious, sit-down, heart-to-heart discussion which will begin with: "What the hell were you thinking, you evil authoress!?!?!"

But I'm sure, in fact, I'm absolutely positively certain that you wouldn't do what it appears from the first part of this book you've done. You wouldn't. You couldn't. Not you. Not you who wrote Talker. And Talker's Redemption. And the third book, which I hear is a sweet, happily-ever-after bit of fluffiness those two deserve.

Crick and Deacon deserve it, too, Miss Amy Lane. If this is a Bittersweet title and I didn't know? THere will be sad times ahead.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friend Release: Lex Valentine: Encounters, Weylyn's Gift

The release I wanted to show off today is, yes, another het, but no one writes het like my pal Lex. This universe where Weylyn's Gift is set is so rich in detail and chuck full of shifters, and dragons and all kinds of fantastic creatures of magic, and this book is just one more painting in that beautiful tapestry that includes both het and m/m love stories. I've read a few shorts and snippets, and am stoked that there are more to come.

Thanks to Lex for sharing her new release with me today :)

Buy link:

Werewolf Weylyn Randall is bi-sexual and happily carefree. He spends his nights fucking and playing bass in a band.  His days are spent recuperating for another go-round when the sun goes down.  Nothing gives Weylyn more pleasure than getting his “were” on. After years of this hedonistic lifestyle he doesn’t think there’s a mate out there for him. He’s happy having encounters with whomever strikes his fancy and hooking up with best friend and occasional lover, Drake Keating, whenever possible. Then Drake sends him a gift in a plain brown wrapper. Along with the gift comes a magical woman and between the two, they unleash the next phase in Weylyn’s wild sex life.

Nothing about the brown cardboard box seemed out of the ordinary. It had normal computer-generated shipping labels, simple and lacking in any information whatsoever about the sender. The return address belonged to a company called “Plain Brown Wrapper.” The name made Weylyn instantly suspicious. Any company with a name as innocuous as that had to be anything but plain.

Weylyn shook the box. It made a whooshing sound as the contents slid around inside. He grimaced, realizing he’d never know what was inside the box unless he opened it. Taking out a pocket knife, he slit the packing tape carefully, preoccupied with trying to figure out which of the people he’d fucked recently had sent him a present. He was confident enough in his abilities as a lover to know that he hadn’t left anyone angry and unsatisfied, so the package couldn’t be anything but a gift.

He put away the pocket knife and peeled back the flaps of cardboard. Lifting out the crinkled brown packing paper, he found a flat cellophane package with bright neon pink plastic contents. Weylyn frowned. Pink wasn’t exactly his color, and he couldn’t imagine anyone buying him a pink anything. Upon closer inspection, he decided that it looked like some kind of floating device like a raft for the pool.

Weylyn pulled the package out and ripped open the cellophane, taking out the hunk of pink plastic. His sensitive werewolf nose crinkled as a strong scent assailed him. Whew! Whatever it was, it stunk to high heaven. Petroleum based products always reeked and he had a nose more sensitive than most. Whoever sent him the gift either hadn’t realized how delicate his nose was, hadn’t really thought about how stinky plastic might be or didn’t care.

As Weylyn began to unfold the pink plastic, he discovered that the sender hadn’t cared about the stink of the plastic. He held in his hands a gag gift. At least, he figured it for a gag gift. The plastic turned out to be a pink blow up chair… with a big thick dildo attached to the seat.
He frowned at the chair for a long moment. Then he began to grin. As he reached for the box to search for a card, he began to laugh. It had been a long time since he’d seen anything so amusing. Now, he wanted to know who had sent it. Obviously, the sender knew he was bi-sexual. The chair wouldn’t be nearly as funny if he’d been straight.

His hands touched a sheet of paper. Pulling it out, he read.

“Hey Wey!

I was sure you would like this. I tried to get it in blue, but they were out of that color. I know that sometimes you get nothing but pussy thrown your way. This chair is for those times you’re missing some male action. After all, I wouldn’t want you to fall out of practice. See you the next time your band comes to NYC.


So maybe it wasn’t exactly a gag gift after all, Weylyn thought, fingering the thick dildo. In fact, come to think of it, the stiff rubber dick resembled Drake’s cock. The shape of the head, the thickness of the base, the way the veins stood out…

Weylyn grinned as he realized that he’d become aroused. Not that it took much. A horn dog at the best of times, getting his “were” on was his primary goal in life. After his music, of course. Luckily, his music usually made it really easy to get his were on. His innate wolfish attractiveness didn’t hurt either. And he had an outgoing and fun loving personality. It was a combination most people couldn’t resist, which meant he never suffered from a shortage of partners.

A hunt through his closet produced a pump to blow up the chair. Once filled with air, Weylyn set it down facing his television. He stared at it with a little smile curling his lips. Drake loved to fuck. He’d loved fucking Weylyn so the chair wasn’t exactly a gag gift. Still, it amused Weylyn.

He left the chair in the living room of his small flat and went into the bedroom. He had a gig tonight and had to get ready. He didn’t have time for the chair at the moment. After a shower, he dressed in leather jeans, a sleeveless t-shirt, and boots. He smudged a little black eyeliner under his eyes and ran a hand through his damp brown waves. Done with his primping, he grabbed his jacket and headed for the door. He stopped, the door halfway open, and looked back at the chair.

Damn. It looked totally hot just sitting there waiting for someone to use it. Weylyn’s cock stirred, and he quickly eyed the clock. A discreet cough from the other side of his door made his head jerk around toward the sound. His gaze met the amused jade gaze of a woman he’d never seen before.

“Nice chair,” she murmured in a husky voice.

“Gag gift,” Weylyn replied shortly, looking her up and down, and feeling oddly shell-shocked.

What stood before him was far hotter than the pink chair. Nicely rounded full breasts on a petite body. Long, dark silky hair spilled over slender shoulders in a thin t-shirt. Wide dark green eyes in a small triangular face. A pert nose. Moist pale pink bowed lips. A tiny beauty mark at the corner of those smiling lips. Oh, yeah, he thought as lust roared to life within him.

“Mmm. I can see what part would gag you,” she purred, her eyes glowing preternaturally.

It can only get better from there :D

Friday, September 30, 2011

My Weekend of Dreamspinner win

So, this weekend, there is a sale at Dreamspinner: 25% off while you're shopping. Woot!

But wait. It gets better.

Halloween Howl from Dreamspinner Press

Meet Gary:

To celebrate Halloween, Dreamspinner is inviting people to come trick-or-treating at our web site. Thirty-one of our fantastic authors have donated free short stories. Search through the different pages on the web site for Gary the gargoyle. Each time you find him, click on him for a free download by the author whose page he's hiding on! And make sure to check out the end of each story for a discount code good any time in the next year.

Links to the short stories go live October first.

But wait! There's more! lol. Yes, that's right, folks, more good news. Maybe for me more than anyone else, but today I signed a contract for my first Dreamspinner novel. Not short Story. Not Novella or Day dream or anything else. Novel. WOOT!

So yes, my we eked = Dreamspinner win. I'm going to search for Gary and some free reding. How about you?


Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Talk: Rob Rosen's Southern Fried

Written as though the main character is sitting next to you in your favorite watering hole telling you the story of his Granny's funeral, this book certainly has a comfortable feel. Even while the author has broken down those walls between reader, character and author, I still feel a bit distanced from Trip. On the other hand, I think I'm meant to feel that there seem to be layers of all kinds in this book, the idea floating over everything that none of it is what it appears to be, and Trip keeps everyone at a distance, even when he's talking to you on this intimate a level. It's odd and at the same time, oddly fitting for a book narrated by a southern boy of breeding.

I'm enjoying this book so far, because it's interesting to see how a character can be shaped so well just by the voice with which the author choses to tell that character's story. This book is anything but typical, and that's what I like. Maybe not everyone will appreciate the laid back distance the MC uses to tell his tale, but I do love the way the technique builds an extra diminution into Trip's personality and into the book itself.

I'm ready to read on and find out who the mystery man is.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Talk: Karenna Colcroft's Salad on the Side

 I'm going to admit, this book is not what I expected. And now that I'm into it, I honestly can't really tell you what I did expect. I guess, mostly, it's Tobias who is nothing like the typical Alpha I expected. Understand, I don't read a lot of werewolf or other shifter books, so I'm going mostly by what I hear people say about them, or the few I have read. Even still. Tobias is not very typical, I don't think.

Not that there's anything wrong with his character as a character. So far, I quite like him, actually. He's sensitive, kindhearted, and compassionate, logical and thoughtful. As an Alpha Werewolf, I'm not quite seeing him being strong enough, though. From what I've read so far, the main POV character, newly turned Kyle has a lot more forceful a personality that Tobias, and yet, Tobias is supposed to be an unusually strong Alpha, given he's so young and a local pack leader, much older and wiser than he has accepted a truce with him. I actually quite like the idea he's as strong as he is because of these unexpected qualities in him, and there's lots of room yet for his character to develop and the author to sell me on why all these unexpectedly softer qualities in what, in any other hero might be considered beta attributes, will make him a true leader. I bet she can do it.

Another strange and inexplicable plot point is Tobia's inability to control his newest wolf as he does the rest of his pack That control  is partly due to any Alpha's ability to compel his pack members with his geas. Well, it doesn't work on Kyle. Why? Curious, but given newly-turned wolves are supposed to be unpredictable and possibly dangerous, I thought this lack of ability to control Kyle should be causing more worry than it does. Tobias doesn't seem particularly bothered by it, so long as Kyle agrees to pretend he's under Tobias' control. And since Kyle seems to care for Tobias, I'm willing to buy that he agrees and fully means it. (despite the fact he's made it perfectly clear he doesn't take well to authority of any kind) And also, since I'm less than half way through, I'm guessing that the lack of compulsion is due to the fact that Kyle and Tobias are mates (just a guess, mind you), and in my very personal opinion, it would be all kinds of wrong if one mate had the ability to compel the other to do anything against their will, so I like that the compulsion doesn't work on Kyle. I just wish Tobias had a better understanding of why, or more concern over it.. One or the other.
In any case, this is shaping up to be a really interesting read, and the fact I have questions isn't a point of detraction at all. It's making me really want to get back to the story and find the answers. So far, very much enjoying this story.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

radio Interview


So today has been a busy day. First it's a release day, and I'll give you the link for that in a minute. More interesting for me today is that a local radio host contacted me and asked for an interview about my stories. Now, he did contact me two weeks ago, but since he got busy and I heard nothing more from him after I pointed him to my website, I supposed he'd found someone more interesting than li'l old me to talk to.

Imagine my surprise to hear from him this morning and him asking if I could make it in for a radio interview this afternoon. Of course, I swallowed my hopeless nerves and said yes. Mostly, we talked about why. Why a straight girl from suburbia writes man on man erotic romance. Wish I had found a better answer for him than 'because' but there it is. I write the stories how they come to me. If you want to hear the interview and you're in an area where it airs, try this link:

It airs on Sudbury CBC one, Points North at 4:40 Eastern. My huge thanks to Jason Turnbull for this chance to talk about something so important to me.

Now. The new release: New Linen

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Four Strong Women: What Did I Miss?

Four Strong Women: What Did I Miss?

Stop by today and share your thoughts with me on the double standard that is the boy/girl dichotomy. What is so wrong with being a girl, anyway? (Guys, I would especially love your thoughts here. Help me understand)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Talk: Kennedy and Ford's Dash and Dingo

Before you tell me I'm behind, I know. Should have read this one a long time ago. Oh well. Here I am now, on page 54, and how can you not love these guys? They should feel more cliche than they do, but somehow, they just touch the edge of trope and each time you think they'll fall in, they back away. Dash shows an unexpected glimmer of daring-do or mouthiness or wit, and Dingo goes a bit soft, a bit uncertain, a bit, well, a bit sweet.

And there's no denying these two are sweet on each other. You can't not see it, even this early.

Truth be told, though on pg 54 of about, what? 300? I'm kind of hankering for the action to start. And I'm not just talking about the follow through on the flirting and heavy sighing. I'm talking about the wild animal hunt, the jungles of Australia, and the Indiana Jones excitement. Not that I'm not enjoying the interaction between the two immensely. I definitely am. Just sayin' When does the adventure really start?

Monday, July 11, 2011

book Talk: T.A. Chase's Why I Love Geeks

I'm almost done this one. my big question; how many authors can get away with a protagonist named Herbert in a romance? I guess it helps that it's a comedy, but Herbert? I wasn't convinced. Then Herb opened his mouth. wow. I cannot even begin to imagine how T.A. Came up with that stream of consciousness. the things the character comes out with, most of the time, really should get hike strangled just to shut him up. I'm not quite done yet, but I do want to know what.s up with Burke and McKinley. If it isn't fixed in this book, I hope they get a story of their own, because that's got me intrigued.

it's been an entertaining read, that's for sure.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Talk: Damon Suede's Hot Head

 Not even a third of the way into this book and I have that love/hate thing going on that I relish.

There is angst aplenty, so there's that to love.

There is also that fine line between mis-communication and TSTL. (Too stupid to love) I know. I changed that last word. Did that on purpose.

Take two firends: both firefighters, both dancing the edge of PTSD and a death wish, and clearly (to me) in love with each other. Also, both straight. Whatever. That's relative.

So the story is told from Griff's POV and he has come to terms with the idea he's in love with his best friend, even if he has no idea what to do about it. So we get to watch things unfold from his POV, and wonder why he doesn't see. Dante needs to talk to him, tried to get him out of the bar, only to give in the moment Griff has an annoying chick hanging off him. That turns into a no-go, Dante tries A) get him into a threesome (Griff declines, horrified Dante will notice he doesn't give a rat's ass about the girl between them) B) get him drunk and take him home and talk to him. (brilliant plan, dimwit. Griff doesn't remember what happened and is horrified to find himself waking up naked in Dant's bed with the other man's arm across his chest and Griff's morning wood tenting the sheets) C) talk him into porn for money. (Griff just thinks this is bad, bad, bad idea and is, though he does't say do, heart-stopping jelous. (And fascinated that now he can see Dante beat his meat any time he wants, and that is more pervy and tempting than Griff can handle))
All classic "I'm-in-love-with-you-and-can't-say-it-dumbass schemes. All doomed to failure.
I don't see this getting better for either of them any time soon.
Add to all this the zingingly fast prose, the raunchy voice, the down and dirty need oozing out of every thought Griff has, and smeared all over the page in gritty dialogue and plain, no-muss language, and I know  I should be writing my own shit right now. I know I should. But it's so hard to not want to keep reading....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book talk: Amy Lane's Talker

I'm...what? less than half way through this book, and holy hell. Really? I am amazed

Ms. Lane has caught my attention, for sure with (Please note, this might spoil the book for you if you haven't read it, which, really, you should)
one hero who's parent's died when he was six, he's been home schololed since then, high school was a trial for him, lonely, difficult, and desperate. He's awkward, shy, not very good at socializing, and oh, can i relate. So he's burried all that in a lot of meaningless, passionless sex with girls who just think he's cute.

The other hero was almost burned alive as an infant in a fire that killed his mother, was raised by a bastard of a father and spent his entire life hiding his scars behind tattoos, mowhawks and far out there gayness, yet never letting a single guy close enough to him to actually touch him, never mind love him.

Then she let him get hurt real bad.

It's clear they love each other. Clear they are in love with each other. Clear they are right for each other.

But Ms. Lane has keptt hem apart, as any good romance writer would, but not by just putting a barrier between them. She's put the fucking Berlin Wall between them, and each brick in that wall is made from all the kindness and care they've shown each other since they met.

How does one create conflict for characters out of the very feelings you actually want them to feel for each other? I have no idea. I'm not Amy Lane. But I do want be a writer of her
caliber some day.

Now. Back to the book.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jambrea Jo Jones Visits!!

Jaime is letting me come out to play! Lol I have a new release. It’s an m/m/f story.  This is a sequel to Retribution, an m/m space story. The new one is called Salvation. The series is called Alliance.  I LOVE sci-fi. I love to read it, I love to watch it and I love to write it. You’re mind can go just about anywhere. I love to create worlds. It’s so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by, Jambrea.  You know I've been bugging you about this sequel for...well, since the first on came out. And it's finally here!!!!! WOOT!!!!

So here is the blurb and excerpt.

Salvation: Can three people save each other?
Rock is a gun runner who was set in life. The only thing missing is a partner. He thinks it could be Sela, but he wants to be sure he isn't after her because she reminds him of an old crush. When Dr. Alexander d'Ado explodes onto the scene, he is a goner. Can he have his cake and eat it too?
Zander is a scientist who lives for his work. He is usually oblivious to anything else. When his ship explodes around him can he find salvation in two roughened warriors? He has no idea why someone would be after him, but the three race to find out before someone kills him.
Will the trio find love while on the run?
Reader Advisory: This story contains m/m intimacy as part of a polyamorous relationship, non-consensual sex, sexual assault and graphic violence.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are 18 years of age, or over.
If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.
Copyright © Jambrea Jo Jones, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound.
Excerpt From: Salvation

“What the fuck?” Rock stumbled as the ship shuddered. He looked up as Sela ran onto the bridge. “Hold on to something. A ship just exploded in our path.” He focussed on steering the Salvation out of the flames but something caught his eye. “Se, there’s an emergency pod! See if you can find their frequency and hail them,” Rock said over his shoulder, fully expecting her to jump to it. She was efficient that way. He scanned the area to see if there were any other emergency crafts, but didn’t see any other pods in the aftermath of the explosion.
“I’m supposed to be on vacation. I didn’t sign up for this,” Se grumbled.
“You didn’t have to come, you know.” It came out more harshly than he’d intended, but they were in crisis mode right now.
“Rave wouldn’t have forgiven me if I’d let you go on a gun run on your own,” she said clearly, then he thought he heard her mumble, “Stupid libido.”
“I’ve been doing this solo for a while. I don’t need my hand held by Rave and your cousin. Or you for that matter. Shit. Someone’s shooting at the pod. You get a frequency yet?” Rock threw back at her.
“I’m going as fast as I can.”
“Go faster,” he snapped. He wasn’t irritated with her but he needed to get to the pilot of that pod. He’d apologise later. Maybe.
“Damn it, Rock. If you don’t like my speed, do it yourself.”
“Stop arguing with me. I’d like to find out why my gun sale went south.” He didn’t understand her need to fight him at every turn. Most days it was a turn-on, but this wasn’t the time or the place for his cock to take charge.
“What are you talking about?” Se sounded peevish.
“That ship was my contact. Maybe whoever escaped in the pod has the answers I need.”
“Put more pressure on me, why don’t you?” Se said under her breath.
“Se!” He was about to lose what little sanity he had left. Didn’t she know that?
“It isn’t the fate of the world. It’s one gun sale.” Se sighed, pushing her hair out of her face.
“Those guns were going to a planet being overrun with marauders. The inhabitants need to protect themselves or they’ll be enslaved. So, yeah, the fate of someone’s world could be at stake. We need that pod.” They were going to have to do something about the sexual tension between them soon because he couldn’t take the fighting anymore. He’d rather be fucking. And now wasn’t the time. Damn.
“Stop it with the bleeding heart stuff. I’ve got them,” Se mumbled almost to herself.
“I’m the bleeding heart?” That made him smile. He’d never been known for his sympathy. Not that he wasn’t sympathetic, but money was a bigger motivator.
Se laughed. “Just talk to the pod. You’re keyed in.”
And just like that, his sanity was back. They really did work well together.

“Emergency pod, this is the captain of the Salvation. Do you need assistance?”
There was no response. Fuck. That couldn’t be good.
“Are you sure this is right?” He looked over at Se.
“Yes. They probably don’t know if we are friend or foe. They did just come off an exploding ship and who knows who’s there or what shape they’re in.” Se shrugged.
“This is the captain of the Salvation. We will shelter you. Please acknowledge,” Rock tried again, realising that Se was correct—anyone could be in there and only a handful of people had known he was meeting up with the ship.
“How do you use this thing? Hello? Hello?” A masculine voice floated over the airwaves.
Rock bit back a shout of relief. “I hear you. Do you need us to bring you in?”
On screen, another shot hit the pod. Rock couldn’t look away—it was like a bad vid streaming in 3D, and he had front row seats.
“Rock, you need to get that ship in here or it’s going to fall apart.” Se’s worry coloured her voice.
“Emergency pod, we’ve got a lock on you. Don’t touch anything. We’re bringing you in.” Rock manipulated the controls and the pod slowly inched its way towards the Salvation.
Come on, come on.
It was taking forever. Or seemed to be. He needed to upgrade his fucking equipment.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jenn Nixon Visits

Morning everyone. So Jenn Nixon is on a hop-about through cyber space, and today, her stop is here on my blog. I've read the blurb for her upcoming release in a number of places, and I have to say, it intrigues me. She's sharing it here, along with a little excerpt, and check out that cover art.

Blurb: Veronica Chance’s sister has gone missing. In order to find Valerie, “Roni” takes a waitressing job at Foxxes Gentlemen’s Club, the last place her sister worked, to search for clues. First day on the job, the club owner makes her give a lap dance to his VIP guest, Mr. Storm. Veronica’s instant attraction to him spells trouble and threatens to blow her cover.

Former detective Mason Storm can’t deny the connection he feels for the wild and mysterious Roni. During the lap dance, he learns about her missing sister, offers his help, only to be rejected. Not ready to give up, he confronts her again, adding in the fact he’s see her sister in the club, but she denies him once more.

When Veronica calls, acting rather strangely, Storm finds her at the club, drugged and giving a lap dance to a kid at an illegal after party.  Grateful for the help, Veronica comes clean about who she is, and accepts Storm’s offer to help. Together, they unravel the clues surrounding Valerie’s disappearance, uncover the horrible truth behind the illegal after parties, all the while exploring and succumbing to their lustful desires for each other.

“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to get busted…you don’t have to do this,” Mason said.

“He’s probably going to watch,” Starr replied, eyes roving to the spots Karl had surveillance. Now why would a waitress know where the cameras were? “And it’s my first day.” She stepped close, drawing his attention. Long shapely legs, covered to the knees in leather, straddled his thigh. Her hips and waist were within reach, and her full bust directly eye level.

She swayed back and forth, stunningly hypnotic.

When she moistened her lips and spun around giving him a rear view, the blood rushed from Mason’s brain. Starr bent down and pressed her ass against his thighs, his entire body flashed with heat. She grinded in a circular motion, awakening and enlarging him surprisingly fast. Spinning again, she dropped to his lap, put her hands on his shoulders, and stared down at him.

With her face clear, he tried to remember where he’d seen her.

She gyrated, eyes seductively peering down. He fought the strain in his jeans with each movement, though she made it impossible. She was hotter than hell during a heat wave. Starr lifted one leg, straddled a single thigh and shook her hips again. The woman bit her bottom lip. So naughty. So his type, he loved it.

Then an image of her with red hair flashed in his mind. She’d been in the club, disguised, sitting alone at the bar, drinking here yesterday. He glanced up at her, knew he was right.

Coming May 15th from Tease Publishing

Jenn Nixon resides in New Jersey. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Liberty State Fiction Writers. Her love for thrillers and suspense often finds its way into her novels whether they are Science Fiction or Romance. When not writing, Jenn spends her free time reading, absorbing pop culture and current events, and social networking online. For more information please visit or

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Interesting Call for Submission

DO you remeber what it was like? I know I do. How can you forget those very formative years of growing up, through high-school and college? If they were good years, you want to remember them. If they were bad, you sometimes can't forget. Like many GLBT youth, my high school years were a very mixed bag of exciting, confusing, and very often, frightening and lonely.

How better to show the youth of today that they aren't alone than to tell our stories? That's why many of us write YA fiction, and why I've been contemplating it. So while I was out and about on the net searching out possible venues, I came across this:

So, I don't know that anyone of the age group that can submit a story to this anthology actually reads my blog, however, there might e someone who knows get the picture. There is a call out by Bold Strokes Book for a queer anthology about being young in today's environment: stories about coming out, or not coming out, fears, family, dating, and all that fun (and scary) stuff. The catch: it's for stories written by youth ages 18-24 14-24 (edit). Very cool. here's the link again: if anyone is interested.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Drea's Visiting Again!

With her upcoming release, The Thrice Princess. It's available for pre-release at Secret Cravings Publishings, and it looks pretty good to me :) I do like that cover.

Buy Link: 

Blurb: While her fate was set during the previous great wars of immortals, Anastasia Gruff is nothing but mortal until the night she stumbles upon a scene that turns her world upside down. Now, she struggles to adjust to a world where nothing is what it seems, and feels more at home than ever before.

Devlin Miconis, heir to the vampire throne, is facing certain death. When a mortal woman saves his life, and gives him back his soul, he must figure out how to repay her. Now that she has given him something to live for, can he protect her from those who mean her harm?  

And, of course, and excerpt:

Excerpt: It was the end of his days. If the arrow currently protruding out of his chest wasn’t enough warning, then the seven-foot Dergon demon hovering over him with his sword aimed at his neck was a pretty significant sign. Devlin had lived just a little under three hundred years and had never been this close to death.
“You have taken your last drop of blood, leech.”
The last of his blood seeped through the hole in his chest, blurring the edges of Devlin’s vision. Out of no-where, a glint of silver crossed his vision. A thud filled his ears as the demon fell clutching his neck tightly. Pondering what had happened to the demon, Devlin very slowly turned his head to see a beautiful woman.
A human woman.
Crouching down to him, she looked at the arrow sticking out of his chest and began to speak. “I think it’s out for the count at the moment. Let’s see what we can do about this sharp pointy thing sticking out of your chest, shall we.”
Making slow persistent movements, Devlin turned to stare at his beautiful savior. Curly red hair settled around her heart shaped face. The length gathered back in a ponytail at the base of her neck, easily reached her shoulder blades. Startling green eyes looked down at him in worry, such eyes could belong only to a goddess. High cheekbones set off by a jaw line that brought more definition to her luscious lips—the bottom lip slightly bigger than the upper. A mouth made perfectly for his kisses, which is not something he should have been thinking about at that moment.
“Hey there big guy, I need you to stay with me so we can figure this out. At this point, would it be better to leave it in or pull it out?” she asked, pointing to the arrow sticking out of his chest.
Trying to keep an eye on the Dergon demon lying not five feet from them, Devlin spoke in a whisper to keep his chest from moving. “Pull it out.”
“Okay! I am gonna try my best, it looks like it’s in there pretty good.”
Shifting slightly she pulled the thoroughly worn sweater over her head, rolled it into a ball and left it at his side. Removing it left him with the tantalizing view of only a spaghetti strapped tank top to cover her cream-colored flesh. “We need something to keep pressure on the wound. You’ve lost enough blood as it is.”
Grabbing the arrow just above his chest, she braced herself to pull, but hesitated, fear and uncertainty shown in the depths of her eyes as she removed her hands from the arrow. Dropping them to her sides, the expression on her face changed with the contemplation of her choices.
Hissing in frustration of laying at anyone’s mercy who happened upon them, Devlin pulled his lips away from his teeth slightly elongating them. Studying him, she made no move to run.
“Please, just pull it out!” His chest felt like it was on fire.
“Are you sure this is the route to go? I don’t want to hurt you anymore then you already are. Judging by the fangs, it’s obvious that you’re not human.” Looking down with beseeching eyes, letting out a sigh, then with a shake of her head, she continued, “I just don’t want to kill you.”
That she would even be worried about his welfare was humbling. Devlin gasped as he made the mistake of trying to lift his head off the ground. “Wont… hurt…worse…than…now.”
“Okay. Don’t go getting your boxers in a twist.”

Find Drea Becraft through her social networks and blogs:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Overdrive by Ariel Tachna

Jaime has been kind enough to invite me to visit her blog again to celebrate the recent release of my novel, Overdrive, which is the story of a driver and co-driver in the World Rally Championship tour. For those who don’t know what that is, here’s a little video to help you see what my boys do for a living. This is not my video. I haven't ever had the chance to attend a World Rally Championship race, much less in Sweden, but it should at least give you an idea.


Now that you understand the kinds of risks they live with on a daily basis, here’s an excerpt that includes their first race as a team.
Overdrive by Ariel Tachna
Now available from Dreamspinner Press
Buy link
All his life, French racer Daniel Leroux has dreamed of one thing: winning the World Rally Championship. To do that, he needs a co-driver he can trust. If only he could find one….

At the end of a disastrous season, Daniel’s manager replaces his incompetent co-driver with Frank Dufour, a young Canadian whose rally team let him go because he was gay. Daniel’s in heaven, thinking he might find more than just a teammate, but his manager puts the brakes on, declaring Frank firmly off limits. Frank isn’t any more ready to risk his second—and last—chance at making it in the WRC, no matter how attractive he finds Daniel. Sex and cars don’t mix.

Amidst a bitter rivalry with another driver, sabotage attempts, extreme weather conditions, and the stress of racing, Daniel and Frank forge a partnership that defies the odds, but just as things start to heat up between them, a family emergency calls Frank away. Will they find their way back together or will the separation and the spotlight be too much for their fledgling love to survive?

Excerpt :

“There’s no fresh snow this morning,” Frank reported as they drove north to Hagfors for the service park and the day’s stages, “so the roads should feel very much like they did yesterday except for the better traction from the racing tires. The trick here is going to be not making mistakes. We don’t have to beat everyone else’s times. We have to stay in the race and place high enough to get points toward the championship.”
“Yeah,” Daniel said, “the winter rally almost always goes to one of the Nordic drivers, although Michaels took the stage last night.”
“A two-minute stadium course that was more showboating than anything else,” Frank scoffed. “I know he’s good on gravel, and he’s proven himself on ice in the past, but it isn’t a given that he’ll win. He’s had some pretty spectacular crashes on the ice too. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.”
“Let’s hope we don’t make any this time,” Daniel said.
“We won’t,” Frank replied, his voice confident. “Do you want to go over the pace notes for the first three stages again today, before the regrouping and service park at lunch time?”
“Yes,” Daniel said. “Going through them before the race helped keep things clear in my head for yesterday. Let’s not mess with success.”
They spent the rest of the drive to Hagfors to meet Isabelle and her mechanics, as well as the other drivers and race officials, discussing the stages to come. Isabelle shooed them away from the car the moment the service park time began, the four mechanics going over every inch of the car with as much care as if they hadn’t seen it in ages. Daniel would have made a comment about Isabelle second-guessing herself or not being sure she’d done the job right the first time, but she’d been surprisingly civil last night after the super special stage so Daniel hoped maybe Frank’s conversation with her had helped. He wouldn’t start anything if she didn’t.
Forty minutes later, the race officials called for the drivers to start lining up for the first stage. Daniel strapped in and took his place behind Ryan Michaels’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. Daniel would start two minutes after Michaels did, enough that he wouldn’t have to worry about catching up with the American, not at the speeds they’d be driving, unless Michaels had a wreck or technical problems that slowed him down. He’d be happy with not losing time.
Michaels disappeared in a spray of snow, and Daniel drove into position, eyes fixed on the starter. It flashed one minute and started the countdown. He waited, foot hovering over the accelerator as the count continued. As it neared zero, he gunned the engine, foot still hard on the brake. The moment the counter hit zero, he released the brake, Frank’s voice in his ear guiding him through the bends. The car skidded beneath him on the bends, but their practice in the Alps held him in good stead and he managed the bends with enough control not to lose time. He clipped a snow bank on one curve, but it didn’t slow him down by more than a fraction of a second as he manhandled the car back to the race line and around the next bend. He’d have a second chance at that stretch of road this afternoon. Hopefully he wouldn’t make the same mistake a second time, but he’d worry about that during the break for lunch. For now he had to concentrate on the road in front of him, the car beneath his hands, and Frank’s voice talking him through the course.
Eleven minutes and thirty-three seconds after they started, they crossed the flying finish. “How’d we do?” Daniel asked Frank breathlessly as he slowed the car to normal speeds and started the trek to the next starting line.
“We won’t know until lunch, but it felt good,” Frank said, “other than the one snow bank. You ready for the next stage?”
“Bring it on,” Daniel said, flashing Frank a cocky grin as he navigated the narrow country roads, glad of the metal spikes on the tires even at normal speeds.
Michaels was already there ahead of them when they reached the second starting line of the day. They had a few minutes before the start of the next stage, so Daniel got out of the car to stretch a bit, hissing at the cold temperatures.
“Having problems there, Leroux?” Michaels sneered from his car.
“Not me,” Daniel shot back, stretching his back a little.
“Don’t worry,” Michaels added. “You won’t be eating my dust for long.”
“No, you’ll be eating mine,” Daniel retorted, finishing his stretches and returning to the car. “His ass is mine,” he said to Frank as he climbed back in the car.
Frank laughed. “Somehow I don’t think you mean that the way it sounded.”
Daniel scowled at his co-driver. “We can’t let him win the championship. Regardless of how he does during this rally, he’s going down for the season.”
“You bet, boss,” Frank agreed. “Are you set for the next stage?”
“All we need is the green light,” Daniel replied as Michaels’s start time arrived and he sped off down the course. Daniel pulled the car into position and prepared to tackle the third stage.