Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Entertainment Jan 01, 2012

Well, despite the fact it is a brand new year...doesn't get much newer than this, really, I do have a few things to talk about today.


On Kristen Lamb's blog, and article on why tradiotional advertising won't sell your book. It made a lot of sense to me, and it might to you, too. Go read the post here.


Most of you have probably heard about Love Romances Cafe's yearly Best of Awards. I have a few highlights for you here:

2011 LRC's "Best of" Awards Nominee List

Best Paranormal/Fantasy Book

Andrea Speed-Pretty Monsters

Haven't read it yet, but I've heard really, really good things...

> Best Book of 2011
TJ Klune-Bear, Otter and the Kid
Rick R. Reed-Caregiver
Two more books in my TBR pile that I've heard are fantastic....

Best GBLT Book
Damon Suede-Hot Head

No secret who I'd vote for in this category ;) Hot Head remains my favorite book of the year.

Best Contemporary Book
Damon Suede-Hot Head
Johnny Miles-Learning to Samba
ZA Maxfield-The Book of Daniel
The first two I've read, and that's a tough call for me. I loved them both...and I've yet to read The Book of Daniel, but again, I hear wonderful things and I have yet to meet a Z.A. Maxfield book I didn't like...

Best Historical Romance Book
Best BDSM Book
Best Mystery/Romantic Suspense/Thriller Book

I haven't read any of the books in these categories, so I really don't have an opinion, but good luck to all the nominees!

Best Author of 2011

Damon Suede
Andrew Grey
Ethan Day
Johnny Miles
Tara Lain

Just a few nominees I'll be rooting for. Besides being terrific authors, they are all wonderful people I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting face to face....

> Best GBLT Author 2011
Andrew Grey
SJD Peterson
Margie Church
Xavier Axelson
Amber Kell
Jambrea Jo Jones
Kim Dare
Serena Yates
Carol Lynne
Bailey Bradford
TJ Klune
Mary Calmes
Sue Brown
Lynn Hagen
Stormy Glenn
Joyee Flynn
Chris Quinton
Brannon Black
Johnny Miles
ZA Maxfield

Well...that's the whole list of nominees, and yeah. Good luck choosing just one....

Best Cover of 2011
Damon Suede-Hot Head always one of my favs, and odd, since I don't usually go for naked torso....

Best Cover Artist
Reese Dante...does beautiful work
Dawné Dominique...not afraid to capture the kink
Valerie Tibbs....wonderful to work with
Anne Cain....what can I say? Love her work, loved working with her, brief ass it was. She did a wonderful job! (I'll show y'all in a sec)
Jet about multi talent!

Best e-Publisher 2011
Dreamspinner Press...professional and awesome
Riptide and exciting
Samhain Publishing...tried and true
Loose Id Publishing...have yet to read a Loose Id book I didn't enjoy
Total E-Bound family.

There is more. Much more. Go check out Dawn Roberto's blog for the full list!

And as promised, the Anne Cain cover for my upcoming release, Better, to show why she's one of my cover artist heroes. Check her DeviantArt page if you need further proof :)


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