Thursday, January 26, 2012

Releases: New and Otherwise

So, today is a big day. A few months back, I offered to write a free story for one of my favorite blogs, to help them celebrate their birthday. Over at Coffee and Porn in the Morning, Marie and Heidi share some very tasty morsels with their blog followers every day, and being one of the happy recipients of their diligent adherence to their quest to share the sexy, I thought it only appropriate to help them celebrate this birthday.

Today is the day my story, just one among the offerings of a host of other authors (including one of my very favorite big-time authors,  Lynn Flewelling, who wrote the Nightrunner series) , goes live, at 2:30 Easterm.

Not a Whore, by Jaime Samms: Purple tinsel and roses and a kiss under the New Years ball might be romantic, but are they enough for Ansell to give up his independence to please his lover?

Check out the index of stories available from, OMG, a host of amazing authors giving it up for free!!!

ANd on the Otherwise note, my latest novel (and wow, it's been so long since I got to celebrate a new release, I almost forget the drill!!!) Better comes out at Dreamspinner Press tomorrow!!!

The Blurb: After filing charges that put his abusive ex-Dom behind bars, Jesse Turbul relocates  across the country, hoping to escape his past—but, of course, it's never that easy. When Jesse meets third-year law student Aadon at the library where he works, their mutual attraction is instant and obvious.

Despite the sparks, they just can't seem to make it work. Aadon is mired in guilt over his inability to help his older brother, damaged by events far too similar to to Jesse's past. Jesse is stuck in his own desperate wish to forget the painful shadow that continues to threaten him and any hope of a happy future.

The only way to move forward is for Jesse to acknowledge he's broken and for Aadon to accept he can't make him better.


C. Zampa said...

Congratulations on both counts, lovely Jaime Samms!

I loved Not a Whore. Simply beautiful story, sensual and oh-so-sexy.

And congrats on Better and on its lovely cover, too!


Jaime Samms said...

Thank you, Carol :) I had such fun writing Not a Whore. Short stories still make me very happy, I must admit.

And Better....So long since I began that story. I'm pleased it's come to fruition, and at Dreamspinner, no less. It's a happy day. :D