Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Contest to Win Poor Boy and Other Books

Win three new m/m novellas from three great authors.

How? Answer three questions, on each author's blog, and have your named entered in the draw by sending your answers to logophilos(at)gmail(dot)com.

Here's what you have to do: Answer the questions at the end of this post, and follow the links to the other two author's sites to answer their questions. Once you have all nine answers, send them to logophilos(at)gmail(dot)com.

Here's what you can win: My new novella, Poor Boy

All his life, Roy has had things easy; born to money and privilege, he's a grown man before he realizes how his father's money has bought his privilege off the backs and tragedies of too many people. Now he's on his own and making his way in the world might be a lot harder than he thought.
When he meets street hustler, Scooby, he falls, hard and fast, not wanting to believe the possibility Scooby is one of the unfortunates his family has stepped over to get their way. As young and fragile as Scooby seems, he might be the only one strong enough to save Roy from himself.

Ann Somerville's novella, the second in the Encounters series, Reaching Higher

And the questions you have to answer from me are:

1. The song 'If I Were a Rich Man' was sung by who in the film of which musical?

2. One of the main characters in my story is called Scooby. Who was Scooby Doo's best human friend, and name another of the Scooby gang.

3. In which song, did which group sing 'It's a rich man's world'?

Now go to Ann's blog and answer her questions, then to Lee's blog, and answer her's.
Send your nine answers to the email address above, and your name will be entered into a random draw to win all three books. Five winners will be drawn when the contest closes
January 13, 2009

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