Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When I'm NOT Writing...

I save trees.

I origionally thought I would save posts like this for my LiveJournal and reserve this blog for writing-related posts, but since lj is down today and I wanted to share, here it is.

The tale actually starts yesterday, when the kids and I walked Hubs to school. They spotted, under a guard rail in a parking lot, a tiny spruce tree, about four or five inches high and determined, between themselves, that it should be saved. They conspired to hide trowels under their jackets today, and Ben took a plastic flower pot from the shed to put the refugee in once they had dug it up. He told me the pot was to collect rocks for the walkway that is slowly winding it's way across the back yard from the door to the composter. I guess their thinking was that once we were there and they started digging, there was no way I would say no to the whole endeavor. I probably wouldn't have said no anyway, but they were just covering their bases.

So, permission granted, we set out to save a tree. A tree.

Two things to note here:
1) It's half way through November, and we live in Northern Ontario. (Can you say frozen ground?)
2) Gravel is notoriously hard to dig through even when it's not frozen.

In the end, we salvaged four trees, between one and eight inches high. I think they are Red Pines and White Spruce, but I don't know. They have poky needles and are sitting in a black plastic garden pot on my kitchen counter. The black plastic pot not only has four trees, but about twelve pounds of sand and gravel. Did I mention we don't own a car? I don't think I mentioned that part. Or that the site from which the trees needed rescuing is about a mile from out home. --insert tired Mama emoticon here--

I can't tell you how much I love my kids, the little tree huggers.


Did you do something green today?


Janice said...

I love it green activates in the making.


Anthology Authors said...

I did. I rode my bike today to drop off and pick up my daughter. It's not a long ride, but the only gas emissions during the ride are bodily. (grin)


M.E Ellis said...

I love trees! Yay for your kids!


Jaime Samms said...

Yay Marci!
I finally dug my bike out from under all the lumber in my dad's garage. I haven't ridden it since the kids were born, but they say it's just like...er...*grin*

Jaime Samms said...

My kids are pretty awesome, Emmy. (Not that I'm bragging, or anything) They always want to help. Which would explain the three cats and the back yard full of trees that have to be transplanted because they won't all fit whrn they're full grown.