Friday, November 21, 2008


Yes, folks, there has been progress. My nano project now sits at 32, 693 words. I like to call that a broken barrier. go me.

I can see the end of the story now. Well, actually, I always could. what I didn't know was all that stuff in between the beginning and the end. Now, I can see that too, and I can tell you, I did not see half this shit coming. My poor mermen. My muse can be a right bastard, sometimes, I tell ya.

But, my friends, the book is written. Well, technically, not written, written. Thought out and planned. The actual typing has yet to happen, but I see it all, and yay! I made it.

Once again, go me.

Also, go all those people who talked me down from my little freak out a few days ago. that helped. Thanks bunches, everyone.


M.E Ellis said...



Faith said...

Good for you, hon! You did it!!!

Jaime Samms said...

I'm rather proud of myself, but I'm pretty sure i won't have the stomach for editing it for at least a month. That will give me some quality time to spend with my were-dragon, which I'm kind worked up about. (in a good way)