Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Friend Release: The Statue by Zathyn Priest

So don't know how many of you know about my pal Zathyn. I 'met' him years ago in a chat room somewhere and he quickly revealed himself to be one of the nicest, most talent authors and artist I know. He's also generous to the point of insanity. Plus, he saved my sanity helping me out with this very website, and I could go on and on about how great he is, but I'm pretty sure he's already turning eight shades of red and cursing me for going on about him. He just doesn't know the impact he has on people, the glow he exudes, even over the net.

That and I love his writing and his art.

(And in case you didn't recognize it, that, right there, was a big ol' fangirl moment)

So, on to the point: The Statue:

Blurb: Freelance journalist, Tristan Church, wants to expose Galloway Mental Hospital’s dirty secrets. Teaming up with broody photographer, Mark, promises other perks. A ten year relationship with high school sweetheart, Eli, no longer offers Tristan the excitement he craves. Mark made his intentions clear and Tristan is close to giving in to his advances.

One morning at ‘The Gallows’ leaves Tristan reeling. He wasn’t prepared for the hell he witnessed and certainly wasn’t prepared to meet Zane. Disarmed by Zane’s angelic manner, Tristan can’t believe anyone would stand him up. He soon realises the tardy boyfriend only exists in Zane’s mind and the beautiful young man is not a visitor to The Gallows but a patient.

Eli walks out and Tristan’s life falls apart. A decision to meet with Mark almost ends in tragedy and Tristan finds solace in Zane’s company. Before long Zane’s delusions begin terrorising him again. While Tristan fights to save his own sanity and get Eli back, he knows someone must fight for Zane’s right to love a man no one else can see. A man who scares away violent hallucinations, takes away Zane’s fear, keeps him safe, and is trapped inside a stone statue.

Can I just say: I'm excited!!!

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