Friday, September 30, 2011

My Weekend of Dreamspinner win

So, this weekend, there is a sale at Dreamspinner: 25% off while you're shopping. Woot!

But wait. It gets better.

Halloween Howl from Dreamspinner Press

Meet Gary:

To celebrate Halloween, Dreamspinner is inviting people to come trick-or-treating at our web site. Thirty-one of our fantastic authors have donated free short stories. Search through the different pages on the web site for Gary the gargoyle. Each time you find him, click on him for a free download by the author whose page he's hiding on! And make sure to check out the end of each story for a discount code good any time in the next year.

Links to the short stories go live October first.

But wait! There's more! lol. Yes, that's right, folks, more good news. Maybe for me more than anyone else, but today I signed a contract for my first Dreamspinner novel. Not short Story. Not Novella or Day dream or anything else. Novel. WOOT!

So yes, my we eked = Dreamspinner win. I'm going to search for Gary and some free reding. How about you?


Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Talk: Rob Rosen's Southern Fried

Written as though the main character is sitting next to you in your favorite watering hole telling you the story of his Granny's funeral, this book certainly has a comfortable feel. Even while the author has broken down those walls between reader, character and author, I still feel a bit distanced from Trip. On the other hand, I think I'm meant to feel that there seem to be layers of all kinds in this book, the idea floating over everything that none of it is what it appears to be, and Trip keeps everyone at a distance, even when he's talking to you on this intimate a level. It's odd and at the same time, oddly fitting for a book narrated by a southern boy of breeding.

I'm enjoying this book so far, because it's interesting to see how a character can be shaped so well just by the voice with which the author choses to tell that character's story. This book is anything but typical, and that's what I like. Maybe not everyone will appreciate the laid back distance the MC uses to tell his tale, but I do love the way the technique builds an extra diminution into Trip's personality and into the book itself.

I'm ready to read on and find out who the mystery man is.