Wednesday, July 27, 2011

radio Interview


So today has been a busy day. First it's a release day, and I'll give you the link for that in a minute. More interesting for me today is that a local radio host contacted me and asked for an interview about my stories. Now, he did contact me two weeks ago, but since he got busy and I heard nothing more from him after I pointed him to my website, I supposed he'd found someone more interesting than li'l old me to talk to.

Imagine my surprise to hear from him this morning and him asking if I could make it in for a radio interview this afternoon. Of course, I swallowed my hopeless nerves and said yes. Mostly, we talked about why. Why a straight girl from suburbia writes man on man erotic romance. Wish I had found a better answer for him than 'because' but there it is. I write the stories how they come to me. If you want to hear the interview and you're in an area where it airs, try this link:

It airs on Sudbury CBC one, Points North at 4:40 Eastern. My huge thanks to Jason Turnbull for this chance to talk about something so important to me.

Now. The new release: New Linen

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