Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Romance in the Backseat Visits with a Wonderful Offer

HI, everyone; I just wanted to pass on a really wonderful opportunity to you all to help out someone you care about this holiday season. Terry Kate dropped by to post about what Romance in the Backseat and Silver Publishing are doing to make someone's Thanksgiving a little more bountiful this year.

Hello friends and neighbors,

Many of you may not be aware that Romance in the Backseat is offering a very special Month of Thanks this November.  The most exciting part is coming from Silver Publishing, a generous giveaway of $100 Grocery Gift Card.

November is a time to give thanks to those in our life who day in and day out make our lives better. To give thanks to friends and family that year after year support us. This year there are a lot of families and friends in need of some extra support and help. That is why Silver Publishing has so generously offered to help pay for a families Thanksgiving dinner.

Please share the news about this giveaway and join us to nominate someone in your life who could use the extra help. All nominations are private, our goal is to add some holiday cheer and some extra goodies to the table this Thanksgiving. 

I want to thank Silver Publishing for this amazing gift. Even if you and your loved ones are lucky enough to have a table of food waiting Thanksgiving day drop in and show your appreciation not only to Silver Publishing, but to the other authors who have come on the site this month and shared their tales of thanks.  To give us a little more cheer those authors have also offered a book giveaway to share with those you love.

Terry Kate
Romance in the Backseat

Visit Silver Publishing's Site to find out about their books - http://silverpublishing.info/

Kylie Brant's Giveaway

Deadly Intent


Lydia Dare's Giveaway

The Taming of the Wolf


Nicola Cornick's Giveaway

Whispers of Scandal


Kersten Hamilton's Giveaway

Tyger Tyger


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Six Sentences - Jimmy behaving Badly

Last week, I introduced you to Jimmy and his two stand-in lovers. So. What does Jimmy do when they aren't available?

Montgomery's teeth clamped down on his earlobe and Jimmy's breath wooshed out in a guttural grunt. "You never could resist me, Jimbo." His hand impacted Jimmy's ass hard and he jumped. "I'll get us a room. Wait here." He bit again, harder and didn't bother to sooth away the sting.

He does what anyone desperate for a fix does and picks up anyone willing to give him a go.

I hope next week you'll come back and visit. maybe he'll have come to his senses. In th emean time, visit the other blogs at Six Sentence Sunday and see what other authors are working on.

(I didn't make the list this week because I was slow...sorry!)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Six Sentences from My Latest WIP

It's that time of week again. It's Six Sentence Sunday, and I've decided to give you all a taste of Jimmy, my latest broken hero. He's not like the submissive men I normally write about. He's a lot more alpha. A lot more complicated. And a lot more broken. In this scene, he's decided to let his on-again-off-again lovers, Dean and Adam, have their way. This time.

Dean spread hand over the back of Jimmy's head, stroked long fingers through his hair. "Go ahead."

Jimmy took Adam into his mouth and for a few minutes, the two of them communicated through simple sounds of pleasure. There was something about the smell and feel of taking Adam like this while Dean watched. He could get off on it without anyone saying a thing, without any other touch. He let his eyes drift closed to better enjoy the sounds and the feel of Dean's firm grip in his hair.

Go to the Six Sentence Sunday blog to find a whole slew of links to more authors and more yummy six sentence entries.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday

“Kiss me.”

“No.” But he didn’t pull away. His lips remained parted and he breathed in soft, excited pants.


“You can’t make–ungh."

No names to protect the innocent :) (For Kris' gang, I sooo couldn't resist :D )
This little six sentence snippet comes from my current release at Pink Petal Books: 

You can find the other Six Sentence links at the official blog Six Sentence Sunday Go forth and find good stuff to read, folks!